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SMCC: Volunteer

If you are a member of the SMCC, you have plenty of opportunities to get involved. Join one of our committees!

SMCC Volunteer Engagement Program

The SMCC Volunteer Engagement program was established to help improve the volunteer experience and help the SMCC more effectively achieve its strategic goals.

As part of this program, SMCC Committee volunteers:

  • Serve a term of one (1) year, from September to August
  • May serve multiple consecutive terms, at the appointment of the Committee Chair
  • Must adhere to the SMCC Volunteer Terms of Service

The 2017/2018 volunteer term has now begun. Recruitment for the 2018/2019 roster will begin in May 2018. If you are a member of the SMCC and are interested in getting involved with any of the SMCC’s Committees, please send a brief description of your background in sponsorship marketing and/or your resume, as well as your preferred committee (see the Committee descriptions below) to to be added to our prospective volunteer list. You will receive more details about volunteer opportunities in the spring.


Please see the descriptions of the SMCC Committees below:

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for all communications and marketing done by the SMCC. The Marketing Committee oversees communications, social media, the website, and media relations.

Business Development Committee

The Business Development Committee discusses ways of generating revenue for the SMCC. The Business Development Committee also oversees membership initiatives, sponsorship and establishes strategic industry partnerships.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for developing content for the Breakfast Forums and procures Speakers for the Sponsorship Marketing Awards (SMAs).

SMA Committee

The Events Committee organizes the Sponsorship Marketing Awards & Conference and is divided into subcommittees which focus on initiatives such as marketing, sponsorship, awards, and programming specific to this event.

Executive Committee & National Board

The Executive Committee and the National Board are elected representatives that oversee and direct the activities of the SMCC.


For any questions about volunteering with the SMCC, please contact or 647-748-3615 extension 3.