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Building a Successful Influencer Partnership
Tips from Laura Davidson, influencer for Adidas and Google, on how to create authentic brand content that drives results
Laura Davidson
Founder / CEO of WHISTLE APP
Content Creator / Social Media Influencer

Do your research and generate a list of who you’re interested in working with and why. Make sure they have a connection to your brand in their everyday life. Don’t go for the people with the biggest followings - go for the ones that have the greatest relationship with your brand and the content you’re trying to create.


Daniel Wellington’s Influencer Strategy
How the Swedish watch brand sold $220MM globally without spending a dime on traditional marketing

DW_-_Carlye_Burchell_Headshot.jpg Carlye Burchell
Marketing Manager, Americas
Daniel Wellington 

Daniel Wellington, a Swedish company that sells watches with classic minimalist designs, was founded in 2009 and by 2015 sold one million watches worldwide for a profit of $220MM. 

The brand relies exclusively on influencer marketing. To gain further insight into best-in-class micro-influencer strategies, the SMCC spoke with Carlye Burchell, Marketing Manager, Americas, for Daniel Wellington. 

SMCC: How would you define the Daniel Wellington brand?

Carlye: Daniel Wellington is more than a watch brand, it’s a global movement and that’s largely because of our social community. Every day, photo by photo, our social community helps to continue growing, defining and developing the brand. The minimalistic, classic design makes DW watches suitable for every occasion - be that everything from your wedding day to sky diving in Australia. Our community continuously captures those moments and shares them on social.

SMCC: How has your social media strategy evolved since inception?

Carlye: DW was one of the first to work with influencer marketing, so it’s been quite a while now that we have been doing this. It began as strictly an online partnership with our influencers, with a high focus on product shots. As we try to stay ahead and evolve with the market, we are interested in better relationship building and providing experiences for our influencers. In the past 6 months, we have flown Canadian influencers to meet the team and have created tailored experiences based on their interests in local cities. In 2018, we will continue to do this, but even bigger with #DWgetaway and #DaywithDW throughout Canada.

SMCC: How do you measure the effectiveness of your influencer program?

Carlye: We look at follower statistics, content and engagement - just to name a few. Each collaboration is different, so I can’t really give a standard answer on how we measure the effectiveness. We work with some accounts strictly for brand awareness, some others are strictly to get traffic to our website. We assess each collaboration based off the goal of the partnership. As the goals vary, our measurement tactics do as well.

SMCC: Elsa Hosk (model, Victoria Secret Angel) and Neels Visser (model, actor) appear to be among DW’s latest brand ambassadors. Is there a plan to add more celebrity endorsements or continue to focus on the micro-influencer?

Carlye: Yes, we worked with Elsa over the holidays and just rolled out a new campaign called #myclassic with Neels Visser, Taylor Hill, and Ming Xi. Check it out on Instagram #myclassic! We are working with Taylor, Neels and Ming to celebrate our timeless classic collection as an homage to the classic things in life. This was particularly fun because we were able to work with them in a creative way. If you visit our website or our Instagram page, you can see what each of their classics are! Not just their classic watch, but their passions, interests, etc.

SMCC: Congratulations on your recent store opening in Mumbai!

Carlye: So exciting that you saw this! This was the first store in India, so we went pretty big! Hoping to do something like this in the future in Canada.  

SMCC: The Mumbai store opening was celebrated by several Indian celebrities and DW leadership at an Exclusive party. Are any of the celebrities Daniel Wellington ambassadors?

Carlye: Yes!  All of the influencers in attendance work with Daniel Wellington in some way or another. Parineeti Chopra, a Bollywood Actress, attended the event and created a lot of buzz. We began our partnership with her in February.

SMCC: Due to the rapid growth of DW, this proven micro-influencer approach will likely be copied by many start-up consumer brands. How does DW maintain its competitive advantage in such a cluttered space?

Carlye: I think our biggest advantage is that we are a global brand. We have opportunities all over the world to work with influencers. If we are having an event in Dubai, we can send our network of influencers from Canada to experience Daniel Wellington in Dubai. Also, being ahead of the game and continually coming up with new ways to work in this space is important.

SMCC: Recently, DW had its first Canadian event.  What can Canadians expect from DW in the near future?

Carlye: Yes, we did! It was very exciting for us as a brand. We have done a ton of these types of events in the USA and we figured it was time to do the same in Canada! I can’t tell you exactly what we are planning, but we have some exciting plans for the rest of 2018 – similar experiences to #DWgetaway but bigger and better!

SMCC: What advice would you have for brands looking to create an influencer strategy? 

Carlye: Fostering relationships is key. The influencers you choose to work with are the voice of your brand. Treat them well, get to know them on a personal level and have fun! Be flexible and ready for change as the market continues to evolve.