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Existing Members - Login to renew your membership. Please review the important notice below before renewing your membership. 

New Members - If your organization already has a membership with SMCC you may contact the primary member associated with your organization's account to be added as a secondary member. Otherwise, please create a new account below.

Important Notice - SMCC Membership Restructuring Effective July 1, 2018

The SMCC Board of Directors has elected to undergo membership restructuring in an effort to streamline our membership options and to simplify the sign-up and renewal processes for our current and prospective members.This change will take effect on July 1, 2018

Please note: If your current membership is not due for renewal until later this year, your membership will remain under its existing category until the time of renewal. Upon renewal, your membership will be automatically converted to its new equivalent (please see category conversions below). Should you wish to select one of the other new membership types, please contact the SMCC office at after July 1st once your membership is due for renewal.


*New* Membership Options Available July 1, 2018 

Industry - Regional $250 Individual & non-transferable membership
Only available to individuals outside of the GTA
Industry - GTA $500 Individual & non-transferable membership
Organization - Limited $2,000 Maximum of 5 members from an organization
Memberships are transferable
Organization - Unlimited $3,500 Unlimited number of members from an organization 

If you wish to renew your existing SMCC membership OR wish to sign up as a new SMCC member according to the current membership structure, please ensure you do so in advance of July 1st. As of July 1st, the current membership options will no longer be available. 

Select Your Membership

  • Corporate - Tier 1
    $1500 for 1-5 assigned memberships. Add up to 3 additional individuals for $250 each.
  • Corporate - Tier 2
    $2500 for 10+ assigned memberships.
  • Small Business
    For businesses who have 5 or fewer full-time staff members. $750 for 1 assigned membership. Additional memberships: $250 each.
  • Students
    $150 for 1 assigned membership.
  • Educator
    For college or university athletics departments and sponsorship/marketing educators. $750 for 1 assigned membership. Additional memberships: $250 each.
  • Regional - Individual
    $250 for individual membership to one specific region (cannot be applied in Toronto).
  • Regional - Groups
    $650 for 1-3 assigned memberships to a specific region (cannot be applied in Toronto).
  • Registered Charity/Not-for-Profit
    For not-for-profit organizations, municipalities or organizations that have a registered charity number. $750 for 1 assigned member. Additional memberships: $250 each.