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About Us


The Sponsorship Marketing Council Canada was created in 2004 to drive advancements in the field of sponsorship marketing. Our mission is to help brand marketers, agency partners and sponsorship sales teams unleash the power of sponsorship marketing through education, collaboration and access to best practices in the industry.

By increasing the level of professionalism and relevance of sponsorship marketing, our goal is to prove that sponsorship marketing can increase passion for brands and drive business performance. We aim to be the objective, “go to” organization for Canadian sponsorship professionals and become an indispensable partner in their pursuit of sponsorship excellence.

The SMCC morphed out of a former partnership with the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA), and has since undergone a brand refresh to differentiate the SMCC from its previous identity. The refresh included the development of a new logo and a redesigned website. The new logo was chosen to rebrand the SMCC as contemporary, exciting, and fresh, yet professional and timeless.

 In addition, the refresh supports the SMCC’s core objectives outlined below:

  • Increase awareness of the importance of sponsorship marketing as a key driver of brand passion and business performance;
  • Become the “go to” organization for Canadian sponsorships.  Set industry standards of practice, provide meaningful research and educate members on best in class methods;
  • Be the connector for industry professionals through member to member engagement, collaboration and networking;
  • Create a body of knowledge that will improve the confidence in the power of sponsorship marketing as an accountable marketing communications investment;
  •  Encourage the development of measurement tools and metrics to better define sponsorship marketing's return on investment;
  •  Introduce education programs to support the development and dissemination of best practices; and
  • Celebrate the discipline's best work through a dedicated awards program.

Membership in the SMCC is open to advertisers; marketing communications agencies, consultants and suppliers; and owners of sponsorship properties.

The SMCC is a registered non-profit association. Its governance comprises a Board of Directors, including an Executive Committee. The SMCC employs an Association Management Company to oversee membership, accounting and general operations.

Association activities include the organization of regional, online, and national seminars and workshops, and an annual conference.  Other activities include advocacy for issues related to sponsorship marketing, member communications, organization of membership activities through networking events, the Sponsorship Marketing Awards, and sponsorship marketing courses.

The Association presently has over 125 member organizations throughout Canada, most of which are located in the Greater Toronto Area, but the SMCC continues to grow with Chapters in Calgary and Vancouver.

The SMCC continues to support its growing membership with educational learning opportunities through its regular Breakfast Forums. These monthly meetings are designed to showcase best in class sponsorship marketing industry achievements as well as to give members the opportunity to network.

For more information about the Sponsorship Marketing Council Canada, please contact us at 647.748.3615 x2 or .