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Activate! Testimonials

The SMCC Activate! Mentorship Program matches leaders in Canada's sponsorship community with emerging business professionals to inspire and enable them to become the sponsorship leaders of tomorrow. Mentees have the opportunity to interact with mentors, both informally and at SMCC organized events throughout the year. 

Learn more about what the 2019 SMCC Activate! Mentees and Mentors have to say about the Activate! Mentorship Program below. 


Eblasts_photos/Leah_MacNab.pngLeah MacNab, Managing Director, NBA Canada

Why did you join the Activate! Mentorship Program?
It's great to be able to give feedback, challenge and encourage someone who is determined to grow and be successful.

What have you and your mentee been working on together?
Everything from career progression, becoming a people manager, and sales and renewal strategy.

Who would you consider to be your most memorable and effective mentor?
I've been lucky in that I don't think mentorship always needs to be formal. I was fortunate to have the same boss for 15 years, Dan MacKenzie. He's been a mentor and a champion for me and still is.  I've also had the good fortune of meeting really interesting people through this industry and within the NBA who have shared great advice at the right time.

What are you currently reading, listening to or watching that inspires you?
I'm reading the book Multipliers which is a practical book designed to help you empower your team, direct reports, colleagues and supervisors. I also really loved the How I Made This podcast featuring Tobias Lutke from Shopify.

What’s your best piece of advice for up and coming sponsorship marketing pros?
Network; this industry is small and people move around.
Develop the talents that people notice - the superpowers that you have that make you unique. You can always improve small things, but early in your career you should focus on developing a Keystone talent that sets you apart.
Work hard; opportunities go to the busy people who get things done. If you want to grow, you're going to be busy. 


Jeremy_Hayden.pngJeremy Hayden, Marketing Specialist, National Sponsorships, PwC

After learning the basics of sponsorship through various roles, I thought it was time to take the next step and dive deeper into the industry. I joined the Activate! Mentorship Program to learn from some of the top minds in the industry so that I could take those learnings and apply them to my current role. I’ve found that I’ve always had creative ideas, but didn’t necessarily know how to implement them. By joining the program and getting paired with my mentor, Angela Gill, I’ve had someone new and objective who has helped me grow in my role and help me communicate those ideas effectively. I was also looking to grow my network with like minded individuals and by being paired with Angela, I’ve not only gained a great mentor, but have been introduced to her network. The program has been great at broadening my knowledge of the industry, while connecting me and allowing me to learn from some of the best! The people you meet in the Activate! Mentorship Program will be in your network for life.