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12 Foundational Partners have invested in the SMCC to provide critical funding that will support the development of new initiatives and enhance existing programming. These Foundational Partners represent leading brands in the Canadian sponsorship landscape, and have the unique opportunity to feature best-in-class case studies and breakthrough content exclusively for SMCC members.

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CT_IconLogo_StdKey_CMYK.JPGCanadian Tire - Amplifying Charitable Initiative through Sport Partnerships

Canadian Tire Corporation is proud to support athletes from playground to podium. The goal of Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities is to remove the financial barriers that prevent kids from participating in sport and physical activity -- bringing successful athletes back to the playground is a natural fit to amplify Jumpstart’s mandate.  

2015 marked Jumpstart’s 10th anniversary and the incredible milestone of reaching one million kids helped. This achievement was celebrated through a marketing campaign that leveraged all of Jumpstart’s key stakeholders, including Canadian Tire Corporation’s diverse Sport Partnerships portfolio.

A total of nine Partner Athletes and 14 Sport Partners were engaged to promote this campaign. An omni-channel approach including in-store, social, digital, earned and mass media was developed to increase awareness and strengthen brand loyalty. Athletes are the natural fit when speaking to the importance and benefits of participating in sport. As part of the “One Million Kids Helped” campaign, hockey star Jonathon Toews and other Jumpstart Ambassadors helped spread the word through both social and earned media. The successful campaign generated 41M impressions across external channels. Overall, the program increased awareness and brand loyalty while strengthening community support.

This year, Partner Athletes will be highly visible throughout the spring and summer. They will participate in Jumpstart Games across the country, not only to inspire Jumpstart kids, but to help deliver the Charity’s message around the importance of sport.

June is Jumpstart month at Canadian Tire, an annual awareness campaign when customers are asked to donate to Jumpstart in-store. From Twitter parties to media tours, Canadian Tire’s sport partners provide a secondary platform to amplify this call-to-action. By pairing the Jumpstart brand with well-respected Canadian athletes and sport properties, Jumpstart is able to strengthen the emotional connection between its brand and consumers, and execute highly successful campaigns.



CBC/Radio-Canada Media Solutions - Content Marketing Service Provides Cutting Edge Integrations for a Variety of Advertiser Categories

With more hours of integratable Canadian content in prime time than any other network and an in-house team of dedicated sponsorship marketing experts, the CBC/Radio-Canada Media Solutions group has the unique opportunity to develop and execute innovative, relevant, and impactful solutions for partners. Our content marketing service has a national scope and is a hotbed of cutting edge ideas with a mission to create eye-opening and made-to-measure projects. New programming hits such as Workin' Moms, Kim's Convenience and True North Calling and returning favourites including Murdoch Mysteries, Dragons’ Den and Canada's Smartest Person, all have huge potential for interesting integrations for a variety of advertiser categories and the Media Solutions team is looking forward to working with prospective clients as the key Fall selling window approaches.

Here is an example of an execution the CBC/Radio-Canada Media Solutions team developed for SickKids Hospital and CBC’s top drama, Murdoch Mysteries:


 Desperado - The Necessity of EngagementDesperado_map.jpg

Era One of modern sponsorship began in 1984 when the Organizing Committee of the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles had to look at sponsorship differently. Tasked with delivering a games that didn’t run a deficit, sponsors  became a meaningful source of funding. Exploitable sponsorship assets were sold to a limited number of brands  and sponsors were required to leverage those assets to help the 1984 Summer Olympics reach organizational objectives, including around promotion and cost avoidance.

Era Two of modern sponsorship began in the early 1990s when the notion of sponsorship as content helped create the integrated marketing approach. We learned quickly that using sponsorship assets across an evolving marketing mix was an effective way of better differentiating our brands in an increasingly commoditized marketplace. Use of marks on packaging moved more product off shelves, imagery in advertising drove better resonance.   In short, sponsorship helped other forms of marketing work harder.

This is Era Three – the Era of Engagement. Now, you don’t win by begging, cajoling or bribing them to be part of your brand story. You win only when you make your brand part of the consumer’s story. If you’re not adding value to the fan/patron/donor/attendee’s experience with the properties you’re sponsoring then you’re not getting noticed, you’re not breaking through and you’re not getting rewarded for being there.

Consumers will care about what you have to say only when your brand helps bring them closer to the game, closer to the performance, closer to the event - or when you are being of service. Then, activate in ways that are true to your brand’s values, enable you to share your story and ideally, that involve your product or service.

Buy assets within your sponsorships that drive engagement opportunities and measure for impact – beyond unaided awareness, for familiarity, consideration, intention.  

SE_Logo_-No_Tagline.jpgS&E Sponsorship Group's Fourth Edition of Inside the Lab: All-Star Edition

Welcome to the fourth episode of Inside the Lab. With the recent NHL All-Star game taking place in Nashville and the upcoming NBA All-Star in Toronto, S&E discusses a wide range of All-Star topics including;
• The different approaches leagues take in selecting a host city for their All Star Game and the implications for corporate partners.
• Our predictions on whether John Scott will see future endorsement opportunities.
• The difference between the NHL All-Star and the NBA All-Star Weekends.
• Who to watch for in the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend

Click here to listen.

REP_GreyGreen_4c.jpgRepucom’s Fan Revolution Report - Understanding the Fan in the Global Age of Information

As a professional industry has grown up around sport the definition of the ‘fan’ has, inevitably, become more complex and nuanced, as has the desire to understand precisely what makes them tick. Technology, meanwhile, is changing everything. What being a ‘fan’ means – the long-established pattern of behaviour we associate with fans – is being disrupted by a raft of new sport and entertainment formats and new ways of consuming them. Rights-holders, broadcasters and sponsors need a map for this new global fan landscape.

The Fan Revolution report (downloadable here) charts the changing relationship between fans and brands and rights-holders and introduces Repucom’s pioneering Fan DNA research, which has identified seven clearly differentiated groups of fans, each with their own distinctive characteristics, behavioural tendencies and attitudes to sport and sponsors – in particular, which type of fans respond most strongly to different sorts of sponsorship activation; it is the missing link between what fans say and what they actually do.



S&E Sponsorship Group's Second Edition of Inside the Lab: The Rise of the Toronto Blue Jays

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